The HRA Family

Meet Our Team

HRA's mission speaks to apply our God-given talents. We are Servant Leaders who ignite the passions of others by creating a culture that transforms ideas into action. Associates are empowered to enhance the lives of seniors in every community, and their achievements are celebrated. HRA views Servant Leadership as the cornerstone for reducing attrition and consistently delivering high-quality care.

Today, HRA is well-established as a team with proven industry experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and the agility of a regional operator. With recognized expertise in Development, Operations, Clinical Care, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources, the HRA leadership team has the experience and skills you need in the development and operations of the entire spectrum of senior care.

Tim Smick

Chairman & Managing Partner

Sarabeth Hanson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kim Lewis

Chief Operating Officer

Charlie Jennings

Chief Development Officer

Chris Collins

Chief Financial Officer

David Dodson

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Michael Siciliano

Vice President of New Operations and Sales

Christopher Thompson

Vice President of Hospitality

Sheila Wilson

Vice President of Health and Wellness

Jim Kobrick

Divisional Vice President

Lori Vandekerckhove

Divisional Vice President

Kim Dembrowski

National Director of Operational Transition

Manuel Joglar

Director of Information Technology

Luereda Williams

Director of Human Resources

Daniel Ellis

Corporate Director of Communications and Marketing

Jon Sailer

Talent Acquisition Manager

Becky Maholick

Senior Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

Mark Hood

Area Director of Sales & Marketing

Samantha E. Pal

Regional Director of Sales and Marketing