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Harbor Retirement Associates (HRA) is a vertically integrated regional senior living development and management company, focused primarily on Assisted Living and Memory Care communities, but is also engaged in the development and operations of Independent Living communities.

HRA operates more than 37 communities in 13 states, with more coming soon. Our organization manages over $200 million in revenue and approximately $1.5 billion in assets while employing over 2,600 associates.

Our Leadership

Founders & Executives

HRA’s founders and executives share decades of experience in senior housing management and development. We understand the industry and know the importance of significant alliances to fulfill strategic goals. Widely respected for our roles in shaping the senior housing industry, HRA was founded with a vision of developing and managing communities built on Christian values and industry experience. Our executive team has transformed that vision into reality, and our associates and partners conduct business with a focused mission and a set of core values that are an integral part of what we do.

Our Mission

We are called to apply our God-given talents and experience to the creation and refinement of successful senior living communities in which we, ourselves, would envision living.

We RAISE Our Values to Match Our Mission



Our respect for one another motivates us to fully value and foster the dignity and individuality of each resident, family member, and staff caregiver.



We focus our energy and our efforts on our residents and their families. Their needs and expectations determine the services we provide. Their social, emotional, and physical well-being inspires all we do.



We commit to doing the right things for the right reasons, whether or not anyone will know.



We work to be good stewards of our own and our residents’ resources by exercising a thoughtful and responsible use of the time, skills, materials, and finances over which we have been entrusted.



Surpassing the ordinary and becoming exceptional. We strive to continually exceed our customers’ expectations with outstanding service.

Our Logo: The True Meaning

Harbor Retirement Associates is committed to creating a culture based on its core values. We work diligently to have our policies and procedures, advertising, as well as our approach to leadership embody these values. Our focus on respect for an individual’s self-worth and responsible stewardship are depicted by the two actively engaged figures celebrating life within the context of an encompassing and caring golden hand. The beautiful doves soaring happily aloft highlights the peace of mind our residents and their families enjoy in our “worry-free” environments manned by attentive individuals of integrity dedicated to their well-being. We believe that our logo accurately reflects for our caregivers, residents, and their families the commitment to excellence we embrace.

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