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When you or your loved one face cognitive challenges, life can start to feel overwhelming. At HarborChase, we have created The Cove, one of our world-class memory care programs, for anyone experiencing cognitive challenges to feel safe and cared for while maintaining their dignity and vitality.

Histories, abilities, and memories are all things that we not only treasure, but implement in the daily activity of our residents to ensure a peaceful experience. At HarborChase, we care for people, not a diagnosis.

Dignity and Vitality

Remarkable Advantages

HarborChase believes now is the time to celebrate all that life still offers: days filled with purpose, new interests, and new friends. All of these are possible regardless of cognitive impairments. In fact, we diligently explore new and exciting opportunities for anyone facing these challenges to experience health in their mind, body, and soul.

Resident Focused Programs

Creating Residents Best Days
“My Story”
Alive Inside and Choral Health Music
Memories Art
Fit for Life
IN2L (It’s Never Too Late) Technology
Compassionate Touch
Brain Healthy Menu Options

Family Focused Programs

Dementia Wise
Dementia Life
Dementia Café
Virtual Dementia Tour

Attentive Comfort

The Compassionate Approach

Our professional associates and care partners are vital to the happiness and well-being of our residents. They possess a genuine affection for residents and respect their unique needs. They also display selfless attention and encouragement for residents. Delivering excellence in all they do, our team specializes in ensuring that residents enjoy a stimulating and pleasing daily experience.

The Cove Memory Care

What is the cove?

The Cove is a place to nurture the minds, bodies, and spirits of our residents by creating engaging opportunities and daily experiences in soothing and familiar environments. The Cove provides the understanding and compassion required to help support each individual’s needs and desires while promoting happiness, vitality, and safety. Although an individual’s needs may change, the heart and soul are still very much a part of them.


Daily experiences at The Cove enrich and enliven each person’s quality of life. The beautiful, spacious and inviting environment at The Cove removes barriers that a person may face in their own home, creating substantial opportunities for aging in a comforting space.

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